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A very high percentage of Kentucky’s 3rd-12th grade students report owning a smartphone and the personal Internet service that comes with each phone parents pay for. In most situations, if a free WIFI service is within range (e.g., while at home, at McDonalds, at the HCTC/JCS) the student will likely prefer to connect their smartphone to the WIFI service given the increased Internet speed, quality/stability of service, or offset of cellular billing cycle and data plan. However, if WIFI is not readily available at their home or other locations (e.g., traveling in a car), students connect via the wireless Internet service (e.g., 5G, 4G, LTE) packaged with their smartphone by the cellular company.  JCS and KDE has provided the list below to help:

Federal Lifeline Program:  Providers Near You

 Broadband Now: Programs

Consumer Programs:

AT&T Access Program | Comcast Internet Essentials

FCC Lifeline program | Spectrum Internet Assist

K-12 School-Based Programs:

Kajeet ConnectEdNow | Sprint 1 Million Project Foundation

T-mobile Empowered 2.0 Program



Jackson City School will be

March 16 - April 10

March 16 - 20 will be NTI Days: 6 - 10
March 23 - 27 will be SPRING BREAK

March 30 - April 10 will be NTI Days 11 - 20 

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