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We are thrilled to announce that Jackson City School is providing a free daily snack of fresh fruits and veggies for all students in grades P-5! Thanks to the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grant, this program is available for the entire year. Our aim is to promote healthy eating habits while giving our young learners the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Let's cultivate a love for nutritious foods together! 🌱🍓 

🍎🥕 Exciting News! Free Fresh Fruits and Veggies Snack for Grades P-5 🥦🍇


**JCS Teachers Excel at ACT Instructional Mastery Training**


In a major milestone for Jackson City Schools, all four core subject teachers and the Gear UP Academic Interventionist have successfully completed the ACT Instructional Mastery training. This professional development opportunity was made possible through the district's prudent use of Gear UP funds, reaffirming the district's commitment to academic excellence and teacher development.


The four teachers who participated in the training are Jeffrey Coots (Math), Jordan Fugate (Reading), Jessica Bowling (Reading & English), and Lucy Warrix (Science), along with Matthew Coots (Math), the Gear UP Academic Interventionist.The training sessions were designed to equip educators with cutting-edge teaching strategies and a comprehensive understanding of the core ACT tests, empowering them to better prepare their students for success in these crucial assessments.

With the inclusion of these five educators, Jackson City Schools can proudly announce that their entire high school core staff is now trained as Mastery ACT Teachers. This accomplishment is a significant stride towards enhancing the overall academic performance of the school and creating a culture of excellence that permeates throughout the district.

JCS is so proud of our dedicated staff.

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Opening Day

"Fostering Freshman Success: Jackson City Schools' Link Crew Orientation Day"

Jackson City Schools' Link Crew Orientation day for freshmen is a dynamic and engaging event that sets the tone for an exciting transition into high school. Designed to foster connections and provide invaluable support, this orientation day brings together incoming freshmen with experienced upperclassmen, forming meaningful mentorship relationships. Through a series of interactive activities, ice-breakers, and team-building exercises, freshmen quickly feel a sense of belonging within the school's community. The Link Crew leaders, who have been carefully selected for their leadership qualities and empathy, offer guidance on navigating the challenges of high school life, from academics to extracurriculars. This orientation not only equips freshmen with practical knowledge but also instills a sense of confidence and excitement as they embark on this new chapter of their educational journey at Jackson City Schools.

"Empowering Students for Future Success:
The Vision at Jackson City School"

(New). Athletic, Physical, and Parent Permission Forms

Forms can now be found under the Parents Tab or About Us - School Documents. - Link to the Page


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Jackson Independent Updated
In-Person Learning Plan Guidelines

Updated 8/29/2023
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Jackson Independent American Rescue Plan Narrative
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