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Jackson Independent School District

Board of Education

The Jackson Independent Board of Education will use data and innovational strategies to produce successful citizens that are both College and Career Ready



Mr. James E. Combs - Chair

56 Hayes Ave, Jackson 41339

(606) 666-7162



Mr. Earl Chapman

1176 Main Street, Jackson 41339

(606) 233-3863


Mrs. Paula Miller -

Vice Chair

29 State  Dr., Jackson 41339

(606) 560-4217



Mr. Wayne Sizemore

JISD Superintendent

940 Highland Ave.

Jackson, KY 41339

(606) 666-4979 


Ms. Kena Bouchard-Mullins

566 Railroad Street, Jackson 41339

(859) 537-0669


Dr. Sydney Howard

Dr. Sydney Howard 


Modern Office

Monthly Meetings

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Last Tuesday of Every Month
Time:  5:00PM
Location: Board of Education
Address:  1909 Patton Ave, Jackson, KY 41339
Phone #:  606-666-4979

Are you wanting to address the school board during a public meeting?

Our school and district staff are happy to assist you prior to speaking to the board,  below are our procedures for PUBLIC COMMENT:

Procedure for Speakers
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