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ABOUT Jackson Independent School

Mission Statement

The Jackson Independent School District assures exemplary schooling in a nurturing, secure environment with the academic and personal well being of our students at the heart of all we do.


our Students, Parents, and Community

We shall ever endeavor to:

  • hire, retain, and develop dedicated, exceptional teachers and staff members;

  • place the academic achievement of our students at the core of our profession;

  • focus teaching and instruction on literacy, numeratiion, enculturation, inquiry and reasoning;

  • put exemplary prepartation for college and post-secondary training at the heart of curriculum and instruction at the high school and middle schools levels;

  • ensure that learning the core academic disciplines will be enriched via meaningful opportunities for achievement in the arts;

  • respect each student's dignity each and every day;

  • continually search for new ways to improve teaching and instruction;

  • engender positive teacher-parent relationships;

  • ensure good values, morals, and citizenship;

  • engender a meaningful sense of service to humanity;

  • provide a safe envirnoment with proper order and discipline;

  • promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyles; and,

  • provide opportunities for genius to develop in each and every student.

Our History

Jackson City School (under the Jackson Independent School system) is a school serving grades pre-k through 12. It is located in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, in Jackson, Kentucky—the county seat for Breathitt County.

The elementary school portion is named after Herbert W. Spencer, after it was rebuilt in the 1960s due the original elementary school caught fire. Though, locally, it's still referred to as Jackson Elementary or just Jackson City School.



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