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Infinite Campus Information


Get Connected: 
1st: Print out and fill in the information in the JCSParentPortal.pdf




2nd return it to the Principal's Office, where you will receive a 25 digit code.
3rd Go to the Jackson City School Website: and select Infinite Campus for Students/Parents under Quick Links.
4th Enter your 25 digit information under the First time, Campus Portal Activation Key

That's it.

Now that you have a web based account you can now Go Mobile with Infinite Campus: Mobile App  Go Mobile







Infinite Campus Information

Jackson Independent has opened the Infinite Campus portal up to parents and students. We are excited about the opportunity this program provides for increasing communication between teachers and parents, which, in turn, will increase student learning and success. This is a secure web-based application that will provide you with information on your child’s grades, attendance, and other information. 

Infinite Campus is based on “households”, which establishes a relationship between you and all of your children who attend school in our district. This gives each parent/guardian one access point to view all available information for all of their children.

To order to obtain a parent portal account, you will need to fill out the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Request Form, which will be located in the Principal Office and on the Jackson Independent Website ( and return it to the Principal office. We will need to verify all information on the form before you will be given your Campus Portal Activation Key, which may take up to one week. Once completed, you will be contacted and you will need to stop by the principal office to obtain your key.

Jackson Independent will also be offering training on the Parent portal for parents. We are in the process of setting up the dates of the trainings, so please check out the website for those dates.


Charles J. Coots

Chief Information OfficerJackson Independent School



Important:  You will need Adobe Reader to view the file. Go to and download the latest version.

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