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NTI Question and Answers

Q:  How will parents/students be notified of NTI Days?

A:  Jackson Independent  will use all the methods for communicating a NTI Day that are used to communicate a school day cancellation - including television news, radio, e-mail, remind 101, district website, and social media. 

Q:  Why is the district implementing the Non-Traditional Instruction plan?

A:  It is very difficult to maintain sequential, cohesive instruction when students are out of school in an unplanned manner such as a snow day.  Therefore, JCS students will be able to review taught concepts that will (a) keep material fresh in students’ minds and (b) will minimize instructional disruptions.  In addition, while most students enjoy an occasional snow day, many students bore quickly and  often involve themselves with counterproductive tasks or activities.  Instructional work will provide students a positive, intentional focus that will help pass their time.  An additional plus is that more continuous learning will allow students to be better prepared for spring testing dates that cannot be changed, even if students miss multiple days of preparation in the winter months.

Q:  How many missed days are included in the Non-Traditional Instruction plan?

A:  The approval of our NTI plan from the KY Department of Education (KDE) allows for 10 missed days to be counted as instructional days.  If we miss more than 10 days due to inclement weather or emergency, it is our hope that students will continue learning every day, regardless of weather or walls; however, we are only able to count 10 of the days as instructional days and therefore, will only require completed work for those designated days.

Q:  When will the NTI days start?

A:  The first 10 days that school is not in session due to inclement weather or emergency will be designated as NTI days.

Q:  Will the NTI days have to be “made up”?

A:  No.  Due to our extensive planning for intentional instruction on those days and KDE’s subsequent approval of our plan, we will not add days on to the school calendar to “make up” the NTI days.

Q:  My child does not have access to a computer and/or the Internet.  How will he/she do the work?

A:  Each teacher will make accommodations for students.   

Q:  When are assignments due to be returned?

A:   Work completed electronically should be submitted online on the missed day of school. Paper assignments will be due the next day that school is in session.  We understand that sometimes that there are things that don't go as expected so we will except work within three days of returning to school.

Q:  How long should it take for my child to complete the NTI assignments?

A:  Each student will work at his/her own pace so the time required to complete the work will vary depending on the child; however, students are not expected to do school work for the entire day.

Q:  Am I expected to teach my child new content while he/she is working on NTI assignments?

A:  No.  The NTI instructional materials are designed to review and reinforce previously-taught concepts and not represent new teaching components.  However, if a student wishes to do additional work, we will gladly support those efforts!

Q:  How will student work and participation on NTI Days be  monitored?

A:  Teachers will be required to enter NTI Day assignments in Infinite Campus and assign a grade for the work completed.

Q:   What if my child has questions about the NTI work assignments or trouble while he/she is completing the work?

A:  Classroom teachers will be available to students to assist them on NTI days.  Your child’s teacher will notify you about how he/she plans to communicate with students to answer questions about student assignments on these days.  This may include email or other electronic means or by phone. 

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