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Non-Resident Students - Q & A

Question:  How Do I Apply?

Answer:  Go to the school's website or Facebook page to find the link to the application.  All out-of-district students who are not already enrolled at Jackson City School must complete this application process

Question:  Will Everyone Get In?
Answer:  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee enrollment to every out-of-district student who applies. we must offer enrollment based on the following criteria:

  • Open space at each grade level, which isbound by state-mandated capacity limits.

  • If space is open at a grade level you request, spots will be filled on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.   All applications will be time/date stamped via our Google Form Application, so time is of the essence.

Question: What if I'm already enrolled at Jackson City School?

Answer:  No Open Enrollment Application is required.

Question:  What if I have a sibling enrolled at Jackson City?

Answer:  Indicate that on the application.  Students who have a sibling already enrolled do take priority.

Question:  What if I have multiple children? Is there a guarantee they will all get in?

Answer: No, Openings are filled per grade level on a first come, first serve basis, if required space is available.  There is no guarantee out of district non-enrolled siblings will all be accepted.


Please contact Anjanette Davidson at:

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