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For Familes New to Jackson City School
Out of District (Non-Resident)

For Non-Resident Students (Students who live outside the Jackson City School Boundaries), you must complete the following information before completing online registration.  Complete the 3 Steps process.



  1. Non-Resident Information

  2. Questions and Answers


COMPLETE Non-Resident application

  1. Please complete:  Non-Resident Application

After Completing the Application, you may start the Online Registration Process, please remember that when the classroom where the student would be enrolled is at capacity, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible. Classroom capacity and student cap size exist at all grade levels and will be considered during this process. In an effort to adequately staff and budget for the 2022-2023 school year, families are encouraged to register as soon as possible.  Jackson Independent School District provides equal educational and employment opportunities.



Student Online Registration for 22-23

Please skim these steps before beginning with online registration

  1. Access Online Registration here.

  2. Click Start New Registration  - Click Next

  3.  Select the School Year you are registering for? Click Next

  4. Complete the fields on the screen. The CAPTCHA will display letters and/or numbers with a colorful background behind.  Type the letters and/or numbers into the text box beneath.  There are no spaces.  Letters are case-sensitive.  If a letter shows in uppercase, type it in the text box in uppercase.  If you want to change the letters and numbers displayed in the CAPTCHA, click the blue refresh button.

  5. Click: Begin Registration.  The program will send an email to the address you entered on the screen.  IMPORTANT:  Please write down the Confirmation Number.  

  6. Click Confirm.   Type your name in the box and use your mouse to digitally sign the document.  Click Next.

  7. Click Begin.  The program will walk you through the following sections: Household, Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contact, Other Household, and Student.  At the end of each section, click Save/Continue to save your work.

  8. Walk through each screen, reading the sections carefully.  Use the Next and Save/Continue buttons to navigate through the form.  There are sections where you may be asked to submit information by uploading documents, completing online surveys, etc...

  9. Review the details very carefully, and then submit the form.

  10. REMEMBER Write down and hold onto your application number.

  11. *** Once Complete:  Contact the Anjanette Davidson to finalize the registration process at 606-666-4979.

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